Snow White

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the kinkiest of them all? Once apon a time a beautiful ladyboy was born, with lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony, and cum as white as snow. This was no ordinary ladyboy. The village were in awe of her freakishly long cock and grew jealous, banishing Long White to the wilderness.. Alone and aroused she discovered 7 horny little men who agreed to take care of her as long as she took care of their sexual needs. This was no problem for long White who was an expert in giving pleasure and often exhausted all 7 men. One day a handsome prince came to rescue Long White, but she preferred to stay where her skills were best used..

Bed Dildo

I never grew out of playing with toys, only now I'm a bit older I prefer the kind that vibrant or the ones I can stick up my ass when I'm feeling horny. My current favourite toy is my new red butt plug. I was lying around in my room this morning in my naughty red and black Basque with matching stockings, and I started to get dirty, kinky thoughts in my head. I couldn't help but start playing with myself, slowly undressing, tossing my clothes to the floor, licking my nipples and stroking my long hard cock. It wasn't long before I was reaching for my new friend and ramming my butt plug hard in and out of my ass, wishing it was you fucking me.

Mint and Galahad

Some girls long for their knight in shining armour to arrive on horse back and sweep them off their feet, I've always dreamed of a knight in bulging boxers arriving with a bottle of lube, too bend me over my bed and show me his best jousting techniques.. Luckily I have Galahad, my on call 24/7 fuck buddy, to ease my frustration. Galahad likes to see me in my zip up black velvet dress, fishnet hold ups covering my long long legs, and my silver fuck me pumps. More importantly he likes to slide my dress down to my ankles and find me in my leather buckled basque and no panties, and before you can say longmint a game of passionate sucking and fucking has begun!

School Girl

I'm such a good girl, I've been studying so hard for my oral exams, but I could really do with some help, could you come around and let me practice on you? I hope you don't mind my little school girl uniform, maybe this pleated skirt is a too small I think you can see my tiny white panties.. although they do match my frilly white stockings.. giggle.. I always end up putting things in my mouth when I'm trying to concentrate, but all that sucking makes me losing control. Before you can say 'quantum physics' I'm laying on my bed with nothing on but my stockings and strappy high heeled shoes, with my panties around my ankles.

Baby Milk

Got Milk? I know I have and I want to be your little Milk baby. I'm waiting for you to come feed me, dressed in my innocent blue and white play outfit, sweet little white stockings and some naughty stripper heels.. You would be surprised just how much of the white stuff I can take, and how imaginative I can be with a bottle of creamy goodness. Not only is Milk good for your teeth, it's also good for your bones and muscles and you know how I like to take care of my large boner! So what kind of Milk would you like me to feed you? I have some delicious FULL CREAM I want you to try, I hope you like mint flavoured!