I'm such a beach bum, I love the fact you can do so much and wear so little and I never get tired of all those guys and girls checking out my tall slim body, if only they knew about the big surprise I'm hiding....In fact I love going topless and feeling the salty sea breeze brushing over my body, getting my nipples nice and hard. I got so turned on today, I wish I hadn't gone to the beahc alone.. I know this one spot, down behind the bushes, where i can take care of my frustration. It's very quiet, I can strip off my bikini bottoms when I'm feeling brave. I get really hard playing with myself outdoors, knowing that someone could see me at any minute..

Sex Slave

I love sexy accessories, I think they're the most important thing on a kinky outfit. That's what I love about my new costume, it comes with so many naughty extras. It has laces on the panties and bra for quick and easy release, wrist-cuffs which can be used to restrain me if I need to be taken advantage of, and a neck leash for times when I need to be used and under someone's complete control. But the best accessory of all is the sex slave which came with it. The slave has a lovely hard cock and can be attached in a number of different ways. I prefer to insert him orally and anally. I think he really compliments my wanting mouth and tight ass, what do you think?

Mint and You

I was lying around in my lingerie, feeling a little horny when a friend of mine came over. Instead of covering up I decided to let him in and let him see me laying there in my sexy outfit, spread on the couch. He was speechless and just stood there drooling. He had such a large bulge in his jeans, it was obvious he needed some relief.. I began to tease him a little, touching my body as I watched his bulge grow. Finally I was too horny and started rubbing his cock. He didn't object when I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and took out is swollen hard cock. I soon had him with his pants around his ankles and let him fuck my face until he cam in my mouth..


All hands to the pump! This is you captain, able Seaman Long Mint speaking, now hold on tight things are about to get rough and wet! I need a big strong man to help me take control of my long vessel so I'm going to need your help. First you'll have to stop drolling over my long stripy white socks and looking up my little skirt at my small white panties, if my naughty outfit is distracting you maybe it's better I remove it, although I'll leave my captains hat on, I don't want you to forget who is in charge! Now report to my private quarters immediately, I want you to grab my big hard mast with both hands and tug it until you feel that salty liquid hit you in the face!